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“Teacakes and Kraken Bait”

Novella #1 from The Harrogate Chronicles
by Nancy Bach & Susan Wachowski

Miss Kinzalynn Quinn, covert Fae attaché to the British court, tags along when her friend Lady Esme Harrogate is sent by Queen Victoria to deal with the disaster at the Berneray Mining Station. Two submersibles destroyed, their crews lost, and the new automaton created by Professor Hieronymous Burroughs is blamed for the catastrophe. The professor is adamant he can repair his machine, but the head of the mining station wants to blast it from the North Sea. The ladies must stand between them and discover what’s really wrong at the bottom of the briny deep.

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Atahualpa’s Mummy
The Harrogate Chronicles Book 1

Kindle Edition
by Nancy Bach & Susan Wachowski

The world of espionage will never be the same…

Stories have always existed about Atahualpa’s mummy, an ancient Incan artifact that grants invincibility to whatever army possesses it. So when Queen Victoria catches wind that Napoleon III, the French Emperor, is after the mummy, she sends Lady Esme Harrogate, her valued and only woman agent, to find it before anyone else.

But the queen of the fae has her own plans for the mummy, and sends half-human agent, Kinzalynn, on the hunt as well. Kinzalynn must fulfill her mission, but she seeks something she cannot find in the fae world — what it means to be human.

In order to find the mummy, Esme and Kinzalynn must overcome their mutual distrust and work together before the power of Atahualpa’s mummy falls into the hands of those who would destroy them all.

Atahualpa’s Mummy is the first book in Nancy Bach and Susan Wachowski’s The Harrogate Chronicles. If you love alternative history adventure with a great sense of humor, pick up your copy on Amazon today!

Stranded: A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Writing Journey

Includes the short story “Lady Eve and Adam” and poem “Stranded in Rewinds” by Susan Wachowski

The Writing Journey of Naperville invites you to explore the colorful plots, characters, and settings of Stranded, an Anthology of fantasy, science fiction, romance, humor, horror, mystery, adventure, realism, dystopian, and steampunk. The psychological, emotional, and behavioral impacts of relationships gone bad, of arrested adolescence, of unresolved sibling rivalry, can drive us to search for tiny moments of redemption and escape.

Novel Works in Progress

Atahualpa’s Mummy, The Harrogate Chronicles Book 1
– ebook released! Print book coming eventually

Merlin’s Tomb, The Harrogate Chronicles Book Two
– Coming Summer 2023