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“Teacakes and Kraken Bait”

Short Story #1 from The Harrogate Chronicles
by Susan Wachowski & Nancy Bach

Miss Kinzalynn Quinn, covert Fae attaché to the British court, tags along when her friend Lady Esme Harrogate is sent by Queen Victoria to deal with the disaster at the Berneray Mining Station. Two submersibles destroyed and their crews lost and the new automaton created by Professor Hieronymous Burroughs is blamed for the catastrophe. The professor is adamant he can repair his machine, the head of the mining station wants to blast it from the North Sea, and the ladies must stand between them and discover what’s really wrong at the bottom of the briny deep.

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This story was part of the Author Readings we did at 2019 Geneva Steam, written in honor of the convention theme of Leviathan. It was available for free during the convention and the following week if you subscribed to Nan’s site or mine. It will soon be available for sale. It takes place between Book 1 and 2 of The Harrogate Chronicles Steampunk Adventures.

Novel Works in Progress

Atahualpa’s Mummy, The Harrogate Chronicles Book 1
– Coming Summer 2019 (waiting anxiously for cover!)

Merlin’s Tomb, The Harrogate Chronicles Book Two
– Coming Fall 2019 (Story Path done, Writing now!)

Not Title yet, The Harrogate Chronicles Book Three
– Oh yea, we have plans for the series arc!

Not Title yet, The Harrogate Chronicles Book Four
– And more plans for the series arc!

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Urban Fantasy Series. WIP

Tara: Security Fairy (working title)

Urban Fantasy Series. WIP