Meanwhile During the Pandemic…

So what has been happening that has kept Sue away from her author site for so long and just where is that book she promised? Ha! As a newbie book author I have learned things, and one of the mistakes I made meant I had to completely re-work our final edits as I did them in the wrong program. Although you’d think they’d be more lenient, I missed the fine print and there was no way to retrieve and reverse what I had done without some hard work and more than a few tears and an ocean of chai. Poor Nan had to think I had become unstable as I mumbled, churlishly snapped, and pretty much became quite the author hermit.

But I pressed on. I finished those edits in Word where Nan and I can both deal with them, and in December we did publish the ebook for Atahualpa’s Mummy. But wait! We’re gonna re-load that beastie with the new update so it matches the print book. Yep, the print book is coming! We have a new page count, and the artist is going to make sure our cover will fit well, and we can then publish the print books on Amazon. Whew, seriously, I think this book has fought us every step of the way.

The Pandemic has certainly played a huge role in the chaos here. No longer could Nan and I just meet at my place and plug through things. Nan could not look over my shoulder and teach me the edit process. I was a bit on my own more than we had planned. The only way to learn is to do, right? So Nan guided me as she could and Kindle Create came along and screwed us–erm, me–up. The program did not mean to, but I shall dance differently with it from now on.

Meanwhile I have entered a few contests with short stories and worked on my Amazon Author page, and now, well, time to get back to this website to be ready for the future!

There is the cover! Teaser!

Updated publishing will get a big announce here, honest you will not miss it!

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